Bookkeeping Courses & Bookkeepers Courses

Bookkeeping courses are an essential part of any business and are essential if you want to ensure that you are running your business efficiently or also if you want to run your own bookkeeping business in the future. Our bookkeeping courses provide you with a step by step guide to accounting for everyone. The bookkeeping courses will guide you from the basic first principles of bookkeeping, which are essential to understanding the processes, all the way through to the much more complex accountancy techniques.

Our  ICB bookkeeping courses are offered at three different levels, so that we can be sure that we can teach everyone, no matter what their skill ability the principles of bookkeeping and accounting. 



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It is absolutely essential to first attain the core bookkeeping skills manually and THEN you can meaningfully apply technology to these skills in the form of our Sage 50 accounting software package (see below testimonial)

I am now freelancing at a firm of Chartered Accountants – the manual bookkeeping is definitely the best way to develop a full understanding of the processes involved in accounting. I have fared much better than people who only understand computerised bookkeeping” Gerald Payne

In the words of Dr Peter Marshall in his ICB accredited book:

“Its no good trying to go straight to computerised bookkeeping and missing out the learning of manual bookkeeping. Once problems occur in the Accounts, a person who has only learned how to input data will be stumped as Employers will always require their staff to fully understand the principles and theory of bookkeeping.”