Why You Should Start Learning About Accounting Software – Now

The days of keeping hand-written records of financial comings-and-goings are long gone – and with good reason. The sheer amount of paperwork that would be generated by modern businesses if they kept exclusively paper-based records doesn’t bear thinking about. Whilst it is naturally necessary to keep hard copies of important financial documents and reports, an increasing proportion of the work involved in business bookkeeping makes use of any number of accountancy software programmes – and if you can’t get your head around them, you’ll soon find yourself being left behind.

Who Uses It?

On one level or another, everyone uses accountancy software. Whether the software is purchased from a third party, or developed in-house, at some point every modern business will realise the benefits of using some sort of software to keep track of their finances – even if it’s just a spreadsheet in Excel.

Why Do I Need To Know About It?

A working knowledge of accounting software – especially the more recognisable brands such as Sage – is becoming almost a prerequisite for many accounting positions in the modern business setting. Failure to obtain a relevant qualification in computerised bookkeeping can put a swift end to any job application, as a great number of modern businesses rely exclusively on some form of accountancy software to take care of their day-to-day finances. If you can’t demonstrate at least an aptitude for accountancy software, then your prospects don’t look good.

How Do I Get Started?

Fortunately, you have many options open to you when it comes to learning about accountancy software.  Taking a high quality course from a well-respected provider is one of the best ways to get a good start in this field. Here at Woodgrove Tutorials, we are proud to be an award-winning college providing access to bookkeeping courses, including courses in Sage accountancy software. These courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be truly confident in your use of accountancy software – a quality which will put you head and shoulders above the competition for any bookkeeping position.

At Woodgrove Tutorials, we’ve been providing bookkeeping courses for over 28 years, and we’re proud to say that in that time we’ve been recognised for our efforts by multiple awarding bodies, and have even been recommended by Lord Alan Sugar himself. To find out more about the services we can offer you, get in touch using the details on our contact page, or call us right now on 01989 720 380.

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Why Bookkeepers Are A Pivotal Feature Of Corporate Success

Over the years, bookkeeping has emerged as a service that many businesses simply cannot avoid. It is undeniable that no matter what industry your business operates in, keeping full, accurate and up-to-date business records is something business regulations demand that you do.

As easy as it sounds, bookkeeping is a complicated aspect of business that requires a special set of skills to do well and in a stress-free manner. Indeed the average person will struggle to compile official financial statements and balance sheets, which is why the majority of companies choose the better option of outsourcing these problematic tasks to specialists, so they can concentrate on what they do best instead. But what is so complicated about bookkeeping that makes bookkeepers highly regarded specialists?

Stability: A bookkeeper has the ability to monitor your company’s performance through assessing your financial figures. This way, the cash flow can be used as a metric to measure business success, and through working closely with a qualified bookkeeper, you can establish your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Future business plans and predictions can also be drawn up using a bookkeepers help.

Compliance: Corporate compliance is critical in terms of company success and brand image. Every company is under the watchful eye of authorities, therefore non-compliance will only draw bad publicity, which could tarnish brand image. Taxation, balance sheets and income statements should all be accurate to the last detail, otherwise the company could incur fines for non-compliance. Qualified bookkeepers are specifically trained to make sure all figures are accurate, every time.

Internal Finances: The accuracy of balance sheets and taxes might be in the best interests of both the Companies House and you as a business owner, but there are other figures that concern you only. For example, accurate outgoings in terms of wages and overheads are important for business profitability. Inaccurate payments will affect profit margins, in turn affecting business plans and predictions; therefore it is very important to invest into a qualified bookkeeper.

Having looked at the above, it is obvious that acquiring bookkeeping qualifications will provide an incredibly stable career, as bookkeepers will always be in demand. Due to their indispensability, bookkeepers are among the top earners in Britain, and they are highly rated in every organisation. So, if you are thinking about pursuing a career in bookkeeping do not hesitate to get started. Contact us at Woodgrove Tutorials on 01989 720 380 as we are specialists offering top quality bookkeeping courses.

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The Benefits of Pursing a Career in Bookkeeping

With the British economy performing exceedingly well, it is no surprise that bookkeepers are in demand as companies seek to utilise the opportunities that have risen as a result. An influx in company formation, industrial expansion and other aspects related to corporate success have led to accounting specialists being an incredibly critical asset to any organisation.


Business legislation demands that organisations should keep accurate records of their cash flow regardless of company size or structure. During such a market opening, it is essential that business owners focus on what they do best and leave specialist jobs like bookkeeping to the experts. If you are considering pursuing a career in bookkeeping, now is the time. The job offers an extensive variety of benefits that you could utilise.

Endless demand

The current fluctuation of bookkeeper requirements is not a revelation as these specialists are always in demand. Even during unfavourable economic climates like a recession, legislation remains the same. Companies will always need guidance to follow the rules; this makes bookkeepers an unavoidable requirement.

Bulky Salaries

The profession of bookkeeping has always been highly regarded not only in the UK, but also across the globe due to its demanding nature. Your duties will entail ensuring financial information is accurately funnelled into the corporate ledger besides solving any form of discrepancies within the organisation’s cash flow. For these reasons, bookkeepers are paid reasonably high salaries, with the average bookkeeper earning around £25,000 per annum depending on your experience.


This advantage has a direct connection with the pivotal role that bookkeepers play in any registered organisation. Since employment will always be available for bookkeepers, there is the choice of operating on a freelance basis. This essentially means being self employed and taking employment on periodic contract terms. The main benefit of being a freelancer is the unlimited flexibility since you are your own boss.

Since bookkeeping is very appealing as these experts are an indispensable asset to any company, achieving a bookkeeping qualification is certainly a worthwhile recognition. If you wish to fulfil your aspirations and become a qualified bookkeeper, we at Woodgrove Tutorials offer bookkeeping courses. We are a very experienced company that has helped many individuals become successful experts in the field. Our services are available to anyone across the UK so feel free to contact us on 01989 720380 to make a start towards a successful future.

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Welcome to Woodgrove Tutorials

BookkeepingOn behalf of everyone here at Woodgrove Tutorials, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our brand new blog and we hope that you’ll join us here regularly in the future. We’re pleased to be an award winning provider of all the latest ICB Syllabus Courses you could ever need, and we’ve been in business for over 28 years, so we thought it was high time that we started sharing a little more about our business and our services with you in extra detail.

ICB stands for the ‘Institute of Certified Bookkeepers’, and this organisation is the largest bookkeeping society in the entire world. Bookkeeping is a highly rewarding profession in terms of job opportunities, financial reward and career satisfaction, and choosing to pursue ICB Courses here at Woodgrove Tutorials will give you a premium international qualification that will signify you’re professionally trained to the very highest of standards.

Our own ICB Courses prioritise the swift qualification of our students at distance, and our one-to-one tuition has received untold thousands of positive testimonials during the years that we’ve been in business. The Principal of Woodgrove Tutorials is Brian J Harford FCCA MICB CB Dip, and he brings 36 years of bookkeeping and accounts teaching expertise to the table on a singlehanded basis. His writing for our online courses mimics the exact style that you would receive from face-to-face tuition, and when you study with us you can expect to be given any feedback and support on the very same day that you contact us.brian-big

Personally recommended by none other than Lord Alan Sugar, Woodgrove Tutorials is proud to be numbered as a UK leading provider of bookkeeping courses, and here on our blog we’ll therefore be able to provide you with a variety of useful information. In the coming months, you’ll be able to read more about our services and their utility, as well as industry news in a wider sense as well. In addition, we’ll be able to give you a range of tips and advice relating to topics like starting a bookkeeping business, good bookkeeping practices, what effective bookkeeping offers and more. There’ll doubtless be something for everyone, so make sure you check back here often.

If you’d like to know more about our ICB Courses be sure to contact Brian by calling 01989 720 380 or emailing him directly at brian@woodgrove-tutorials.co.uk. You’ll not find a better provider or tutor of bookkeeping and accounts distance learning courses anywhere else.

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New Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! Check back soon for the latest news and updates from ICB Courses.

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