AfICB Career Path

Level of Membership:
Successful achievement at the full (Manual + Computerised) ICB Level 11 qualification will lead to Affiliate Member of the ICB and the award of the designatory letters AfICB after your name.

Prior Knowledge
No prior bookkeeping knowledge is assumed at this level.

Our AfICB Career Path Course package will quickly lead you to ICB Affiliate Membership. To attain AfICB status you will be required to pass two exams:

  • ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping (Manual)
  • ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping (Computerisedl)

The exams for the ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping (Manual and Computerised) are sat at home (or in your workplace).

NOTE: Level II is the first Level of the ICB professional qualification.

On passing the above exams you will be able to attain AfICB status. This will allow you to use the letters AfICB after your name and use the prestigious ICB Crest on your headed paper and website. You will also have access to the professional support of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. The Institute’s crest is recognised around the world as a mark of quality and excellence. Companies of all sizes know that the ICB’s high standards ensure that ICB Members can be trusted, whether in a large business working as part of a financial team or in a smaller business where they may well be the only qualified person.

The Institute has more than 150,000 students and members spread across more than fifty countries, making it the largest bookkeeping institute in the world.

Our AfICB Career Path Course package comprises:

  • ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping (Manual)
  • ICB Level II Certificate in Manual (Computerised)

Special offer AfICB Career Path:
ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping (Manual + Computerised Courses) -  leading to  Affiliate Member of the ICB and the award of the designatory letters AfICB.



SPECIAL OFFER AfICB Career Path: Monthly Instalments
Full course fee: £369.00. This includes your first year’s ICB student registration fee.
To pay by interest free Monthly Instalments (deposit of £132, followed by 3 monthly payments of £79).

For the Level II Manual Bookkeeping Certificate Course full tutorial support is given by Brian J Harford  FCCA, MICB CB Dip, an award winning qualified Charted Certified Accountant with over 36 years teaching experience in Bookkeeping & Accounts at London’s Guildhall University and also in Distance Learning.

For our Level II Certificate Course (Computerised) Woodgrove Tutor Fiona Bradley MA BA FMAAT FIoC FIAB, is one of the country’s leading Sage experts. She is the lead consultant to Sage UK for Accredited Qualifications and runs that programme on behalf of Sage.  She has won a number of Awards for her skills including a prestigious accolade recently for Innovation in Qualifications in Accounting for Business. Woodgrove Tutorials  Sage 50 Courses will include  access to Moodle, Sage Qualifications e-learning platform. Moodle will allow  Woodgrove Tutorials’ ICB students the facility  to support their learning environment with interactive tutorials, videos, quizzes and simulations.  Every learner will receive a copy of Sage 50 Accounts Professional V 2014 which is Sage’s ‘Rolls Royce’ version of their small business range.  These extra facilities will greatly enhance Woodgrove learners studies and future employability when undertaking any ICB  qualification.This Course uses Sage 50 Accounts Professional learning materials produced and endorsed by Sage UK.

Our AfICB Career path Course package can be a fast track to your attainment of AfICB status. You have one year in which to complete the Manual Career Path Course and a further six months in which to complete the Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping Computerised Course . In practice, it should take much less time as there are no set examination dates. All ICB examinations are available on-demand throughout the year. This means as soon as you have completed each Course you can then immediately sit the exam for that Course.


Click here for the ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping syllabus.