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We are Accredited Training Providers for BOTH the IAB and ICB. As such, we ensure that all of our Students receive the same very high standard of Tutorial support taking them to their chosen Professional Bookkeeping Qualification.

Congratulations to Woodgrove Tutorials Student Sarah Smith who is the winner of the IAB Student of the Year award! The Awards were presented at the House of Commons.



”Thank you Brian for all your help and thank you very much for nominating me and being a fantastic tutor”. Sarah (Smith)

Congratulations also to our ICB Student  Elizabeth Ward Barnett who was shortlisted for the ICB Student of the Year Luca Award


The below testimonial is from Lyn Bunday, one of our IAB Students.


Very many of our Students have attained higher than 95% (Distinction) in their ICB exams.

In addition to your ICB Certificates, we also provide a Sage Certificate upon successful completion of  our ICB Computerised Courses.

See published Articles on Bookkeeping & Accounts by Brian J Harford FCCA, MICB……click on the below links:

Use Of Journal

Bank Reconciliation’s

Bad Debts And Provisions

Accruals And Prepayments

Consolidated Accounts

Fixed Assets Acquisition

Importance Of Budgeting

Cash Projections For Raising Finance for a new Business



You have a year in which to complete each Course.

‘’Thanks for your informative tutorials particularly found the Accruals & Prepayments tutorial useful for my assignment this week.’’ Victoria Horne


We provide FULL Tutorial support – 7 days a week……………. ”Their turnaround of marking my work was phenomenal the longest I ever had to wait was half an hour!!!” Angie Capper

Congratulations to our ICB Student David Reith who achieved MICB in just under 9 months!

‘’I am writing to let you know that I have now passed the ICB Level 2 exam with 100% (Distinction). I must express my appreciation of the quality of the workbook you provided for this Course. This gave me an excellent grounding in Sage 50.  I was also very impressed with the practice exercises included in the Course, which proved very good for consolidating my knowledge and were an excellent preparation for the exam.’’ “I feel that I should express my appreciation for the prompt feedback I have received from you for my completed assessments, both for this Course and the Level II course that preceded it, as well as for your speedy replies to my queries.” Michael Dodds AfICB


Recent ‘posts’ on ICB Forum:

” I am so impressed with my Training Provider – Woodgrove Tutorials. Brian and Fiona have been available to offer help and support whenever I needed them. Their turnaround of marking my work was phenomenal the longest I ever had to wait was half an hour!!! Imagine my delight at getting 97% Distinction. I can now jump to Level 4 of the new syllabus with Woodgrove Tutorials supporting me all the way.”  AngieC

”A big thank you to Woodgrove Tutorials, (Brian and Fiona). Have just passed my 3 Level 2 Exams with 92% 96% and 99%. Making an overall achievement of 96% Distinction.” Debbie Pattison 


Carol said…………..

”My dreams of becoming a Certified Bookkeeper have been realised. I have studied towards the MICB qualification to enable me to change career from Teaching. After finishing my ICB studies I am now looking for a job involving Bookkeeping so I can gain practical experience before hopefully being able to set up my own Bookkeeping Business in the future. Woodgrove Tutorials provided me with all the study materials I needed as well as excellent support, and I would like to thank Brian & Fiona for their excellent materials and VERY prompt replies to my questions which enabled me to do so well in the ICB exams.’’

With Woodgrove Tutorials, you too can attain MICB which is life changing as it will ensure you attain your Career Development goals.

Your ICB Tutors will be: 

 ICB Manual Courses:- 

Brian J Harford  FCCA, MICB a Qualified Certified Accountant who received a special Award at the House of Commons in recognition of his outstanding achievements in Tutoring Bookkeeping Students by Distance Learning. 

ICB Sage 50 Courses:-

Woodgrove Tutorials’ Sage Tutor is Fiona Bradley MA BA FMAAT FIoC FIAB. Fiona is an Award winning Sage Tutor with over 20 years experience of advising and training on how to make the best use of Sage accounting software.

Student Testimonial (as posted on the ICB’s Forum):-

‘’ After less than 2 months intensive studying I have managed to complete my Level II Manual and Computerised Bookkeeping course, with 2 merits on the manual papers and a distinction on my computerised section. At the same time, I also wanted to share my experiences of working with two fantastic tutors, Brian Harford and Fiona Bradley of Woodgrove Tutorials.With Woodgrove Tutorials, the tutorial service I have received has been fantastic.  From answering initial questions prior to enrolment, sending out course documentation and software swiftly and the ongoing support/feedback and advise throughout my learning experience, both Brian and Fiona have been absolutely superb and I would highly recommend their services. For ICB Course Packages, please give Woodgrove Tutorials a look.” Gareth Castle

See many more testimonials like:

”I have PASSED !!! I am so pleased I got 97% Distinction ! I will post something on the ICB forum to say how great you all have been”. Angie Capper

‘’Just to let you know that I have passed the ICB Level 3 Diploma with Distinction!. I am really pleased with this result. Thank you for your excellent materials and help with the Course.” Carol Walker

”Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your support. I passed my ICB Computerised Bookkeeping exam with 94% so have now achieved AICB. Very pleased!!!” Louisa Houghton

”I got a Distinction in the ICB Level 3 Diploma exam! Thanks for all your support.”  Joanne Wells

‘’Having researched various Distance Learning Colleges on the ICB website yours impressed me the most’’. Miriam Roche

‘’I will repeat again that you are brilliant teacher because for this short time you give me so useful knowledge and information!’’ Ralitsa Zamfirova

“I started bookkeeping studies and have attained MICB status in under 10 months.  This is largely due to the support I received from Woodgrove Tutorials; the marking of assignments was always very quick and comments were always constructive and encouraging, if only all Training Providers were like this!” Steve Hubbard





With over 30 years’ experience in teaching Bookkeeping & Accounts by Distance Learning, Woodgrove Tutorials deliver the highest quality tutor support by telephone and online.


Testimonials: (With our Training methods, there is no reason why you too cannot  join our 100% Club)

ICB Level 2 (Manual) 100% Distinction – ‘’Thank you to Brian Harford at Woodgrove Tutorials for helping me to achieve perfection!’’ Tim Davies

‘’Good news, I have passed ICB Level II (Paper B1) with Distinction (100%!) So, I’d like to thank you for helping me get there.’’ Karen Clarke

’’ICB exams – 100% Pass Distinction! Whoop! Thank you very much for all your help.’’ Naomi Liddle

‘’I just wanted to let you know that I did the ICB exam this morning and scored 100% . I am thrilled with this. Thanks again’’.- Ros Mundy

‘’Just to let you know I did my ICB  exam this morning & got a Distinction 100%’’Penny Chapman

‘’Just to let you know I got 100% in the ICB exam so I’m really pleased!  Thanks for all your help’’. Thanks again and all the best. Peter Rees
”Here is  my result for my ICB Level Certificate II external exam:



Distinction    100%
Many   thanks”   Denise   Clancey

‘’Just to let you know I did my ICB Level 1 exam this morning & got a Distinction 100%! Many thanks for everything’’ Penny Chapman

‘’Just to let you know that I sat the ICB exam  this morning and got a Distinction 100% Very pleased! Thanks for all your help.’’ Naomi Diaz-Osborn

”I received my results for ICB Level 2 Computerised and I gained another distinction with 100%!!”
Tim Davies

ICB Level II     Pam Lewis   100%

ICB Level I     Penelope Chapman   100%

ICB Level I     Peter Rees   100%

‘’I checked my results and found that I got 100% on the ICB L2 Manual exam, very pleased. Thanks again for your help.’’ Naomi Diaz-Osborn


For MANY more testimonials from delighted Students see:

The latest Hays Salary Survey shows what Bookkeepers are currently getting paid (on average). Below is a Regional breakdown of what you could soon be earning once you pass your ICB exams with Woodgrove Tutorials!

LONDON – Bookkeeper £28,000, SOUTH EAST ENGLAND – Bookkeeper £25,000, SOUTH WEST ENGLAND – Bookkeeper £22,000, WALES – Bookkeeper £21,000, YORKSHIRE/HUMBERSIDE – Bookkeeper £21,000,  NORTH EAST ENGLAND – Bookkeeper £18,000,  NORTH WEST ENGLAND – Bookkeeper £22,750, NORTHERN IRELAND – Bookkeeper £19,000, SCOTLAND – Bookkeeper £21,500

Note: The Hay Group is the world’s leading supplier of accurate Salary information and analysis.




The Luca* Awards recognise outstanding achievement in the Bookkeeping profession. Woodgrove Tutorials has been Nominated no less than 5 times!!

* Luca Pacioli is the Cistercian monk who, in 1494, invented the process of double entry bookkeeping that still endures today.

Woodgrove Tutorials’ Sage Tutor is Fiona Bradley MA BA FMAAT FIoC FIAB. Fiona has won an ‘Ingenious Britain’ Award!

Ingenious Britain has been endorsed by Sir Richard Branson. As part of their preparations for Ingenious Britain Live!, Ingenious Britain recently conducted a search for ten Ingenious Britons. Fiona’s Business was awarded the prestigious accolade of being named as one of Britain’s 10 Ingenious Businesses!

For full details see:’s-most-ingenious

Fully Compliant Courses

Our ICB Courses comply fully with the New ICB Qualifications and Syllabus (effective from 1 April 2014), which are aimed at getting ICB Students qualified quicker, within an enhanced Qualification Framework. The new ICB Syllabus and Qualification levels are in line with National Occupational Standards.

The three Levels of ICB Membership


ICB is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, the largest book-keeping institute in the world, representing and accrediting international bookkeeping members and promoting bookkeeping as a profession.

Bookkeeping is a viable and rewarding career choice. The average ICB qualified Bookkeeper works flexible hours from home, runs their own business, and can earn up to £30,000 per year. They work with local small businesses and start-ups, supporting the local economy. Some employ up to 30 staff members and have over 200 clients.

By choosing ICB courses for your bookkeeper training you will gain an internationally recognised qualification, backed up by the ICB’s standards of professional conduct, giving potential clients and employers confidence that you have the best possible knowledge of bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is a fantastic profession which could lead to jobs within industry or empower you to set up your own self employed business. All of the ICB’s qualifications are available for you to complete as and when you have the time – YOU specify which week of the year you want to take any of your exams – there are no set dates at the ICB!

ICB member of the month

ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping

(NOTE: Level II is the first Level of the ICB professional qualification and you  start with this Level).

Successful achievement at the full (Manual + Computerised) ICB Level II qualification will lead to Affiliate Membership of ICB and the award of the designatory letters AfICB after your name.

Occupation Role for AfICB : Employed/Self Employed Assistant Bookkeeper
See AfICB Career Path page for ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping  (Manual + Computerised) Courses


ICB Level III Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting

Successful achievement at the full (Manual + Computerised) qualification will lead to Associate Membership of ICB and the award of the designatory letters AICB.

The designation AICB means you are a Certified Bookkeeper. This gives a very reliable benchmark for Small and Medium sized Businesses.

Occupation Role: Self Employed /Employed Bookkeeper
On completion of this qualification you will be able to carry out the role of an employed or self-employed Certified  Bookkeeper producing Accounts for Sole Traders, Partnerships,& Not for Profit Organisations in both a Manual and Computerised system.

See AICB Career Path page for ICB Level III Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting (Manual + Computerised) Courses


ICB Level IV Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping and Accounting

Successful achievement at the full qualification (Manual +Computerised) will lead to Membership of ICB and the award of the designatory letters MICB. The designation MICB means you are a Certified Bookkeeper. This gives a very reliable benchmark for Small and Medium sized Businesses including Limited Companies.

Occupation Role: Self Employed /Employed Bookkeeper
On completion of this qualification you will be able to carry out the role of an employed or self-employed Certified Bookkeeper, producing Accounts for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Not for Profit Organisations, draft accounts for Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships in both a Manual and Computerised system.

See MICB Career Path page for MICB (Manual + Computerised) Courses.


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    Principal, Brian J Harford FCCA, MICB CB Dip. is an Award Winning qualified Accountant with 36 years teaching experience in Bookkeeping & Accounts including 17 years as a Part Time Lecturer at London Metropolitan University (formerly Guildhall University).

    Left: Brian J Harford FCCA, MICB CB Dip. makes his Distance Learning Award Winning acceptance speech at the House of Commons.